About Us

Main Line Nature Guides (MLNG) offers a range of guided nature experiences with forest bathing and hiking at the center of our offerings.

We rigorously follow our strategy by aligning the most qualified guides with the appropriate location and nature activity to optimize the experience for each of our participants. This strategy helps us reach our mission: Inspire people through meaningful connections with nature for physical health, mental well-being and environmental stewardship. See this page for the range of our nature Experiences and this page for our Co-founders.


Our Qualified Guides and Leaders: Each of MLNG’s forest therapy guides are certified by the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy (ANFT) and each of our hike leaders have the appropriate credentials, such as Wilderness First Aid and CPR certification.

Our Charitable Donations: MLNG is committed to preserving the environment, so that generations to come can benefit from a symbiotic relationship with nature. Our Five Star Philanthropy program includes donating 5% of our net profits each year, with 1% going equally to each of five nonprofit organizations. The organizations range from helping to preserve national parks to supporting underserved individuals or communities that can benefit from more engagement with nature. As we extend our services across the US and around the world, our Five Star Philanthropy will become more dynamic and expand as we grow.