Here is an example of an informative and inspiring documentary. In short, children benefit more than expected from engaging with nature and playing outside.

As urbanization expands throughout society, this documentary discusses the value of finding ways for children to forge real connections with nature.

VIDA2 The Beginning of Life 2: Outside

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About the Documentary:

Genuine connections between children and nature can revolutionize our future. But is this discovery still possible in the world’s major urban centers?

Scientific evidence indicates that a lack of contact with nature can contribute to physical and mental problems. In the new chapter of “The Beginning of Life,” leading experts on the subject show how this connection can be part of the cure for the biggest challenges facing humanity today and the construction of a happier life with a greater level of well-being.

The film reveals that this concept has been transformative in several cities around the world that value and promote a greater connection with the natural world. The combination of science and action means a unique opportunity for a healthier future for humans and the planet.

Photography Direction: Janice D’Avila, David Reeks e Tomaz Viola Mounting: ​Renata Terra and Victor Miaciro Original Soundtrack: Arthur Decloedt Script and Direction: ​Renata Terra Executive Production: Flavia Dória, Juliana Borges, Mariana Mecchi, Mariana Oliva and Taís Caetano Post Production Supervision: Geisa França Produced by: Ana Lúcia Villela, Estela Renner, Marcos Nisti and Luana Lobo

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